Quick Connecting PPR Tee

Material: PP, PPR
Connection Type: quick connecting, Push in connection, push together joint

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Simple operation and easy installation
The inner wall is smooth without dirt
There is no need to use a hot-melt machine for hot melting. It can be installed quickly and can be recycled
Although quick connecting tee can prevent water leakage in the short term, there is a defect in choosing the quick connector, that is, it can only choose the exposed pipeline, and cannot be used in the concealed pipeline. And after the connection is successful, the water pipe and the joint can be flexibly rotated, and it is not particularly convenient to use in some occasions.
Some have tee connections inside, and faucets need to be installed. However, due to the effect of gravity, although the installation is convenient, if the water pressure increases later, there will still be troubles of water leakage.
There are also standard requirements for installation joints. First, you need to choose the appropriate pipe material, and you need to saw the water pipe interface very smooth and smooth, without burrs. If there is unevenness, the seal will not be tight, and water leakage will occur later.
Next, you need to install the water pipe with force to the end, both ends must be sealed well, and sealed with a sealing ring, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproofing. However, if you choose a PPR quick connector, it cannot be used outdoors, because it is easy to age under the sun, and it is easy to leak in the later stage.


Item: PPR compression couplerApplication: Water
Size: 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mmMax.Temp: -20C to +120C
Connection Type: Quick joint, Push in connectionStandards: EN13828, DIN16962, ISO15874
Material: PP, PPRWorking Pressure: 30bar/435psi