Portable DR

– Portable Digital X-Ray Machine

– Windows operating system 

– 19-inch capacitive touch screen

– Five-in-one workstation 

– Abundant clinical application software

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Portable Digital X-Ray Unit System RayNova-DRmc

1. Create high-quality hardware configuration with heart

Independent research and development of high frequency and high voltage generator

Independent research and development of high frequency and high voltage generator, the maximum tube current can reach 630mA, the maximum output voltage is up to 150kV. It not only covers routine X-ray examinations of all parts of the human body, but also meets special occupational disease physical examination items, such as high-kV photography of pneumoconiosis.

Built-in 1000 sets of organ program photography (APR)

Built-in 1000 sets of organ program photography (APR), control the photography conditions of different parts, intuitive inspection part selection, clear list of shooting positions and parameter settings, help the operator to complete the shooting work quickly and accurately.

Fault detection control function

The working status of the high-voltage generator can be detected in real-time. When there is a problem with high voltage, prompts
can be made for the first time to ensure the life and stability of the machine. The good adaptability design of software and hardware effectively guarantees the safety of key components such as tube and plate and greatly reduces the failure rate of the system.

The self-developed high-voltage generator the system has an open digital debugging interface.

While effectively improving the equipment’s efficient and fast digital debugging capabilities, it also greatly enhances the compatibility with X-ray tubes

Using the latest rotating magnetic field high-speed drive technology.

The rotating anode can reach an ultra-high-speed of 10800 revolutions per minute. The higher tube rotation speed makes the emitted X-rays more uniform and can significantly increase the life of the tube.

Anode heat capacity of 330KHU

Ensure that the tube can work continuously without stopping the machine when facing a large-volume patient in the clinic, and there is no need to connect an external cooling device to the tube to dissipate heat

The flat panel detector adopts a full-size 17×17 inch design.

In clinical use, it can effectively solve the problem of projection and inspection of general body positions such as the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Allow users to operate easily and conveniently, achieve “good positioning, no missing photos” and greatly increase the nail rate.

2. Mobile body system loyal to humanized design

Electric drive system

Bringing us a new and comfortable operating experience, the scope of projection covers every part and posture included in clinical photography technology, and it can easily cope with bedside photography.

Lightweight and flexible, compact structure

It can be easily moved in the narrow space of the ward. The rotating cross arm can complete the photographing of two adjacent patients in the hospital bed.

Double DC motor synchronization system with large-size drive rear-wheel

Make the overall movement of the equipment faster, smoother, smoother, and quieter.

Folding rack design

During the process of pushing the equipment, the operator can keep his sight unobstructed, and he can look directly at the road conditions ahead to avoid hurting pedestrians and preventing equipment damage.

Radar detection technology

Make the equipment travel safer, without worrying about bumping into passers-by and obstacles

3. Independent research and development of professional medical collection workstations

– Windows operating system

– 19-inch capacitive touch screen

– Five-in-one workstation

– Abundant clinical application software

4. Iteratively upgraded software system

One-click boot pop-up operation

3 seconds imaging, instant shooting

Organizational Balance Technology

Automatically recognize the effective tissue image area

Technical specifications

Portable X-ray system (Siemens)

Output power: 50 kW
Max kV: 150kV
Max mA: 630mA
Focal Spot : 0.6/1.0mm

Flat-panel detector

Pixel Pitch: 139μm
Pixel Pitch: 100μm
Imaging size: 17×17 inches

Mobile cart

The load capacity of the support arm is 20 kg
The cross-arm rotation angle of the head: ± 180°


Model: 3080
CPU: G6400
Operating System:  Windows 10 Professional (64-bit)
Internal Storage: 4 GB,1 x 4 GB, DDR4,2666 MHz

Portable Digital X-Ray Machine Package Details:

T.cbm: 3.076Mobile X-ray system with wireless FPD /set/CTN:

N.W: 325KG