Medical Pendant

– Single-Arm Ceiling Mounted Medical Pendant

– For ICU Room and Operating Room

– Three Layers

– Medical Gas Supply System

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Single-Arm Ceiling Mounted Medical Pendant AG-20V-1

AG-20V-1 medical pendant is a medical accessory that is fixed to a ceiling or wall and is used in supplying medical gases, electricity, illumination, and every other connection or service that is needed in a surgical room or operating theatre and ICU Room.

Medical Pendant System Specification

1) ICU medical pendant for the provision of intensive care unit of a new medical rescue practical nursing auxiliary equipment, which is characterized by: the structure of access together, occupying the middle less.

2) In accordance with the requirements of one column and a column for you to choose two, the new aesthetic medical pendant can rotate 340 degrees and be full-equipped with oxygen, and air, attracted by the strength of electricity, network, communications input terminals, multi-platform medical equipment, infusion frame, a frame pump, lights and at the same time. It can choose with video telephony, as well as a small hospital ward area restrictions ideal intensive care unit nursing station.

Model AG-20V-1 Single-Arm Ceiling Mounted Medical Pendant
Working Power As per different countries
Installing mode Floor Stand
Material High-strength aluminum alloy
Surface treatment Electrophoresis and powder coating
Net loading capacity 200kg
Level Rotation Angle 340°
Color Sky-blue

More Details

Instrument platform Three layers (height-adjustable) anti-collision design for filleted corner
Standard Gas Outlets 2*Oxygen, 2*Vacuum, 2*Medical Air Optional:
1. colors and shapes for distinction  2. Using cycle for more than 20,000 times  3. Using Second Sealing technology with 3 statuses (open, stop, pull), can be maintained with gas
Electrical sockets 12pcs 220V, 10A
Grounding terminal 4pcs 220V, 10A
Network interface 1pc RJ45

Medical Pendant Package

Injection Pump 1 set
Infusion Pump 1 set
Drawer 1 pc
Storage Basket 2pcs
Lighting Lamp 2 sets

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