Mammography Machine

AG-Femaray ME Digital Mammography X-Ray Imaging Systems Specification: 1 Flat Panel Detector 1.1 Amorphous silicon flat panel detector 1.2 Effective pixels:≥12 million 1.3 Pixel matrix:≥3072*4096 pixels 1.4 Quantization depth:≥16bit 1.5 Effective…

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AG-Femaray ME Digital Mammography X-Ray Imaging Systems


1 Flat Panel Detector
1.1 Amorphous silicon flat panel detector
1.2 Effective pixels:≥12 million
1.3 Pixel matrix:≥3072*4096 pixels
1.4 Quantization depth:≥16bit
1.5 Effective area:≥24×30cm
1.6 Limit spatial resolution:≥7.01 Lp/mm
1.7 High contrast resolution:≥6.0 Lp/mm
2 Mechanical Structure(stand)
2.1 Weight of stand:≤210kg(Weight of the medical equipment≤300kg)
2.2 Vertical range:650mm ~ 1300mm(±5%)
2.3 Vertical movement mode:electric,the stand can lock anywhere within the entire trip
2.4 Rotation angle:-90°~ +90°(±2°)
2.5 Rotation mode:all-electric stand system
2.6 With intelligent temperature control system(smart detector)
2.7 Design of zero blind zone on chest wall
2.8 Smart grading compression system,and Siemens PLC Control System
2.9 A key position to normal, a key position to oblique
2.10 Minimum height of the equipment room:2.5m
3 High Voltage Generator(original imported)
3.1 Nominal power/Maximum power:4.8kW/5kW
3.2 kV range:20—40kV,step length:1kV
3.3 mA range:10 mA -200mA
3.4 mAs range:0.1 mAs -600mAs
3.5 Maximum operating frequency:28kHZ
4 X-ray Tube(original imported)
4.1 Focus size:0.1mm/0.3mm
4.2 Focus power: small focus:≥ 2kW
large focus:≥ 8kW
4.3 Maximum heat capacity:≥500kHU
4.4 Maximum peak voltage:49kV
4.5 Maximum anode speed:10800rpm
5 Compression System
5.1 Compression mode:electric,button + foot switch
5.2 Maximum pressure:180N
5.3 Display pressure and thickness.With face shield
5.4 The stand has the function of releasing the compression plate manually with one key,and the software has the function of releasing the compression plate immediately after filming, which improves the safety and effectively reduces the patient’s breast compression time.
6 Exposure System:full-automatic exposure mode and semi-automatic exposure mode
6.1 Full-automatic exposure mode:AEC,which selects kV and mAs according to the thickness and density of breast compression automatically
6.2 semi-automatic exposure mode:body size selection + manual fine tuning
7 Workstation(medical professional screen included)
7.1 DELL 5050MT,Intel Pentium G4560 processor, 4G/500G/DVDRW/WIN10,E2216H 21.5 inch high contrast display
7.2 20.1 inch medical professional screen,the resolution is 2560*2048
8 Software function(patient management)
8.1 Remote direct access patient information in RIS with worklist protocol;
Manually create the patient examination information;
Emergency quick registration;
Simple, advanced, or custom data query methods;
The image CD burning in Dicom standard ,can be viewed on any standard image workstation;
Inquiry and management of historical image data;
Detection disk space , automatic cleaning of old check data;
Dicom transmission of image and seamless connection with PACS;
Support diagram text report,carry report library;
Print patient’s reports, exposure times can be displayed in the list of patients;
The original image is easy to view.
9 Software function(software direct exposure control)
9.1 Support customization for dose template;
The selection part and position template, automatically bring out the matching dose; it can also provide early warning when voltage fluctuation is large;
Selection shape of the patient, automatically select the matching dose, and adjust to the dose online;
Control the size of focus;
Display generator’s status transparent;
Refusal and acceptance of images;
Support automatic sending of images.
10 Software function(image processing)
10.1 Supports dual or multi-screen images display;
Manually/automatically/preset window width and window level, partial window width and window level;
Operation positive and negative of the image, flip image, rotation image, scaling image, and roaming;
Automatic or manual addition of image information;
Line, angle, rectangle, ellipse, polygon and other measuring tools;
Balance tissue,enhancement contrast,optimization dose;
Enhancement edge: automatic recognition and analysis of images, enhance edge sharpness.
10.2 Preview the post-processing image 1:1: the doctors make a more intuitive diagnosis in image optimization;
CAD View: just click the mouse, doctors can see the details of the image more clearly, so that doctors can make more accurate diagnoses.
11 Software function(film printing)
11.1 Set film properties, image layout, printing mode;
Typeset quickly by manual/automatic;
Select any camera within the network;
Customization of patient information and display location;
Support for queue management;
Support for setting print priority