Infant Warmer

– Baby Warmer Manufacturer

– Three modes: pre-warm, manual and automatic

– APGAR timer

– X-ray cassette under infant bed

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Baby Warmer With PVC Infant Resuscitator AG-IRW003A

Baby Warmer offers a radiant source of heat to babies who suffer from hypothermia. It provides artificial support to keep the body temperature of the baby constant at the desired level with the use of i-sense technology.

Baby Warmer Features

1. Microprocessor-based servo controlled temperature system
2. The microprocessor-controlled unit allows for three modes: pre-warm, manual and automatic
3. APGAR timer to record therapy time
4. Audible and visual Alarm functions :
Power failure, temperature deviation, temperature sensor failure, skin temperature failure, over temperature
5. LED observation light adjustable, brightness adjustable
6. The heater head can be adjusted ±90°horizontally
7. Convenient X-ray cassette under infant bed
8. The tilt angle of the infant bed is adjustable
9. Four Transparent protectors folded with 2 infusion seals
10. Integrated low-pressure aspirator
11. LED phototherapy unit
12. PVC resuscitator
13. With RS-232 connector,2 trays, and 2 drawers

Baby Warmer Specification:

Power supply AC110/220V 60/50Hz
Power input 1100VA
 Operating conditions Environment temperature18℃~30
Environment relative humidity30%~75
Atmospheric Pressure7001060hpa
Environment air velocity of flow:
Skin Temperature control range 32℃~38℃
Skin temperature control accuracy ≤0.5℃
Skin temperature sensor accuracy ±0.3℃
Mattress temperature uniformity <2℃
Infant Bed tilt angle ±10°
Warm-up time(from 25℃) <30min
Heater head horizontal ±90°
Distance from the heater to mattress 80cm
Timer range 0~99h59min
LED phototherapy light 36cm 620-2800μw/c㎡
LED phototherapy light 50cm 400-1620μw/c㎡
Low-pressure aspirator Max vacuum adjustable: ≥-25kpa(-188mmHg)
Storage bottle: 1000mL

Baby Warmer Package


Each unit is packed with one plywood case




Transport and storage

Environment temperature:-40℃~+55℃
Environment relative humidity:≤95%
Atmospheric Pressure:500 1060hpa