Hospital Bed

– Four-piece punching panel

– ABS headboard and crank

– Aluminum alloy column guardrail

– Cover wheel, φ125mm

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2 Cranks Manual Hospital Bed AG-BMS101A-K

Manual hospital beds have hand levers for raising and lowering the head and foot of the bed, as well as changing its height, which is excellent for patients who are in a fixed or semi-stationary posture and do not require frequent repositioning. AG-BMS101A-K 2 Cranks Manual Hospital Bed is equipped with high-quality ABS material and high loading capacity, which is very cost-effective for general health care.


1) Product Size(l*w*h): 2130*960*500 mm

2) Frame: cold-rolled steel plate, electrophoresis treatment, powder coating

3) Four-piece punching panel

4) ABS blue headboard

5) Six-speed aluminum alloy column guardrail

6) Blue ABS crank, combination screw

7) Cover wheel, φ125mm

8) 1 ordinary 2-hook infusion stand

2 Functions of Manual Hospital Beds

1) Backboard upward angle: 75°

2) Upward angle of legs: 35°