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  • One-click positioning 
  • Two-click filming 
  • Three-click scanning
  • Intelligent workflow throughout

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Medical Scanning Machine CT Scan SZBY-CT16

This CT scan machine is a medical scanning machine that uses X-rays to produce cross-sectional images of the body. These images can be used to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

Workflow with Strived Simplicity

– One-click positioning
– Two-click filming
– Three-click scanning
– Intelligent workflow throughout

♦ One-click positioning

High definition screen on top of the gantry displays patient information and highlights the target scan area. It facilitates the operator’s verification process thus minimizing errors. A/B keys can store frequently used patient positions achieving one-click positioning.

♦ Two-click filming

The individualized layout allows filming to be completed with two keystrokes saving 30% workload so that a technician can spend more time on patients.

♦ Three-click scanning

The user interface is designed with navigation functions to help novice operators to complete a CT scan easily.
Express patient registration entry for emergency patients helps save time. Rapid rescan function of existing patients simplifies the process for returning patient
Imaging with True Clarity

Aegis ASG Detector System
High-Performance Liquid Metal X-ray Tube
Optimal Beamline Design

Aegis ASG detector system
Optimized for ultra-low noise

Aegis CT detector system, characterized by lightweight, small size, and high integration, shows performance, quality and ingenuity of design with 9 US and China utility patents.
The oneness design of the anti-scatter grid (ASG) incorporates 17 mm high tungsten plates, providing up to 110% more scatter noise absorption, reducing the blockage of the effective photon by 60%comparedwith traditional ASG design, and eliminating of module edge artifact.

The Aegis detector system provides an improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio and imaging quality for  CT systems, laying a solid foundation for low-dose CT scans.

X-ray tube with liquid metal
Bearing featuring high-end performance
Compared with the ball-bearing traditional X-ray tubes, liquid metal bearing features ultra-high heat dissipation and ultra low-performance degradation over time.
With an anode cooling rate of 864 kH/min, 
CT 16 allows hospitals to perform scans around the clock without any interruption.

Liquid metal bearing effectively reduces wear and tear, significantly extending the lifetime of X-ray tubes and reducing maintenance costs for hospitals.

Erg economic Design

Engineered with Human Factors
Attention to details
Considerate user interface throughout

♦ Smart release
function with easy access

Four smart release switches are accessible from multiple locations around the patient table. The patient table is released with one touch while intelligent motion monitoring
locks the patient table after manual movement is complete.
♦ Recessed e-stop
reducing accidental triggers

The recessed design not only appeals aesthetically compared with protruding design but also avoids unnecessary scan interruptions triggered by accidental touches.

Low Dose Scan

Smart mA modulation
Three-domain iterative recon
Maintaining the image quality

♦ Smart mA modulation technique – AccumA
Accum adjusts tube current based on patient’s body and targeted scan area, optimiz­ing radiation dose while improvingimage quality.
♦ Three-Domain
Iterative Algorithm – ZTV

The unique ZTV breaks the limitation by conventional iterative algorithms only relating the data between the projection data and the image data.
ZTV algorithm brings the raw data into consideration, resulting in 50% radia­tion dose reduction while maintaining the image quality.