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  • Combined high frequency and high voltage generator
  • LCD touch screen For the X-Ray control system
  • Intelligent multi-dimensional laser positioning system

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Mobile C-Arm X-Ray Machine AG-CStar_S1

The AG-CStar_S1 mobile c-arm x-ray machine is used to take images of the spine, bones, and soft tissues. It can also be used to guide procedures such as surgery or biopsies. In some cases, mobile c-arm x-ray machines may also be used to take images of the heart or blood vessels.

Mobile c-arm x-ray machines use fluoroscopic dyes to produce detailed, real-time X-ray imaging for many different diagnostic and interventional procedures.


1 Combined high frequency and high voltage generator

1.1 High-frequency inverter power supply and combined tube
1.2 Power: 5.6kW
1.3 Focus size: 0.6mm ( small focus )/1.2mm ( big focus )
1.4 Heat capacity of tube cover: 480kJ ( 648kHU )
1.5 Anode heat capacity: 60kJ(81kHU)
1.6 Inverter frequency: ≥200kHz
1.7 Continuous perspective: with manual and automatic perspective modes, the perspective current is 0.2~10mA
1.8 Intelligent optical field virtual pre-synchronization technology can realize the adjustment of irradiation field under the condition of no exposure, reduce radiation area and avoid unnecessary radiation.
1.9 Intelligent filter recognition switch, with at least three filter modes, inherent filter, an additional filter, and variable filter, among which four types of variable filter are optional.
1.10 Intelligent frame exchangeable pulse perspective technology, automatically adjust the pulse frequency, perspective moving objects can also get clear sharp images while ensuring the image quality and greatly reducing the exposure dose.

2 X-ray control system

2.1 The system has a color human body graphic LCD touch screen, real-time adjustment of exposure parameters
2.2 Tube voltage: 40-120kV
2.3 Maximum tube current: 10mA (continuous perspective); 50mA (pulse perspective)2.4 Maximum pulse acquisition rate 25f/s
2.5 Maximum photographic current: 80mA

3 Flat panel detector

3.1 Dynamic plate detector type: Amorphous silicon CsI flat panel detector
3.2 Collection size: ≥ 1024×1024 pixel
3.3 Pixel size: ≤ 205um
3.4 Spatial resolution: ≥2.0 LP/mm
3.5 Dynamic adjustment range: ≥16bit
3.6 Filter grid density: 80L/cm, pluggable
3.7 Intelligent multi-dimensional laser positioning system, integrated support design

4 C arm Stand system

4.1 Along the arc sliding ≥ 130° 4.2 Slip angle ≥ -35°~+95°
4.3 Left and right swing ≥ ±15°
4.4 C-arm rotates around the horizontal axis ≥ ±180°
4.5 Pillar lift: electric, stroke ≥ 400mm
4.6 The distance from the focus to the screen: ≥ 1000mm
4.7 C arm opening size: ≥780mm
4.8 C arm arc depth: ≥ 740mm
4.9 Horizontal extension: ≥ 200mm
4.10 The rack is equipped with a self-balancing function and can be locked freely at any position without sliding.
4.11 6D Multi-dimensional motion system
4.12 Intelligent and colorful control system, X-ray outgoing warning light is displayed synchronously by c-arm machine and workstation

5 Workstation system ( Hardware function )

5.1 Optiplex7080MT I7-10700/8G/128G + 1T/DVDRW/R5 430 2G/WIN10 embedded system, 30 inch high contrast dual-screen monitor
5.2 It can store more than 180000 images quickly

6 Workstation system ( software function )

6.1 The workstation system has real-time image processing and post-processing can collect and playback continuous images.
6.2 The workstation system has real-time image sharpening, window width, window level, noise reduction, gain, rotation, brightening adjustment, and other image processing functions
6.3 Group vision assisted diagnosis
6.4 Eight preselected modes (abdomen, vertebra, hip, limbs, etc.) for automatic dose fluoroscopy.
6.5 with the wired/wireless design, the workstation, and the machine adopt wired /WIFI6 wireless synchronous transmission, which is flexible, convenient, safe, and reliable.
6.6 Metal artifact removal technology, to remove artifacts caused by metals such as metal nails or metal stents
6.7 Smart contour recognition technology can take a high-definition image even when the patient body part is on the edge of the detector.
6.8 Intelligent tilt image correction technology, can correct in 360°full frame, according to the doctor’s observation needs.

7 Other requirements

7.1 The system can adjust the exposure parameters with two screens

8 Equipment technical service standards

8.1 The machine warranty: 1 year