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– Anesthesia Machine in Operating Theatre

– Ventilation mode: IPPV, A/C, SIMV,SIGH, MANUAL

– Gas source: O2, N2O

– 7″ TFT LCD screen display

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Anesthesia Machine For Operating Room Equipment AG-AM001

The AG-AM001 anesthesia machine is used to deliver general anesthesia to patients as they undergo a medical procedure. It does this by generating and mixing a supply of inhalational anesthetic agents and medical gases in order to induce and maintain anesthesia.

An anesthesia machine is also known in the medical world as an anesthetic machine, anesthesia gas machine, or anesthesia workstation.


1. Providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective anesthesia machines.

2. We listen to our customers and integrate their insights into our machine development.  Flexible configurations to suit customers’ needs.

3. Countless feedback from customers gives good reviews.

4. Real-time pressure-time,flow-time loop Oscillogram, and high precision, concentration detection function included.


1. 7″ TFT LCD screen displays the Ventilation parameters, Alarm information, and Oscillogram.
2. High precision flow meter, instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient.
3. Integrated breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating, and keep tidy.
4. Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to a wide range of patients.
5. Vaporizer with temperature, pressure, flow compensation, and self-lock function, keep safety anytime.
6. Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects.
7. Pressure-time, and flow-time oscillograms show in real-time.
8. Vital sign monitor and Anesthetic gas monitor are optional.


1. Three-level alarm system, visual and sound alarm information.
2. With multiple types of alarm, reminder, and protection functions.
3. Advanced power management control technology.
4. Low Opressure alarm and N2O cut-off protection.

Technical Parameter

Ventilation mode:


Ventilator parameter range




Rapid oxygen supply: 25L/min-75 L/min

Tidal volume (Vt): 0, 20mL-1500 ml

Frequence: 1 /min–100/min

I:E:  2:1-1:6

Pressure triggering sensitivity (Ptr): -20cmH2O-0cmH2O (Based on PEEP)

Flow trigger sensitivny (Ftr): 0.5 L/min-30L/min

SIGH 0 (off) : 1/100-5/100

Apnea ventilation OFF: 5s~60s

Pressure limit: 20 cmH2O-100 cmH2O

The maximum limited pressure: <12.5kPa

Fan error: Show on screen

Oxygen deficit: Show on screen

Alarm and protection

The AC power failure alarm: Power failure or no connection

Low voltage alarm for backup battery: <11.3±0.3V

High oxygen concentration alarm: 19%~100%

Low oxygen concentration alarm: 18%~99%

High airway pressure alarm: 20cmH2O-100 cmH2O

Low airway pressure alarm: 0cmH2O-20cmH2O

High minute volume alarm: 

Adult (5L/min-20L/min)

Paed (1L/min-15L/min)

No tidal volume: ≤5ml within 6s

Low minute volume alarm: 0-10L/min

Continuous pressure alarm: (PEEP+1.5 kPa) over 16s

Suffocation warning: 5s-60s no spontaneous ventilation

Monitoring parameter

Monitor Parameters: Freq, Vt, MV, Paw

Graphical Display: P-T

Frequence: 0/min–100 /min

Tidal volume (Vt): 0mL -2000mL

MV: 0L/min-100 L/min

Oxygen concentration: 15%-100%

Working condition

Gas source: O2, N2O

Pressure: 280 kPa-600 kPa

Voltage: 100-240V

Power frequency: 50/60 Hz


P-T (pressure-time)

F-T (flow -time)

Packing size(Wooden case ):

L740*W800*H1460mm,G.W.:98KG, N.W.: 66KG