Aluminum Composite Panel

The product has been evaluated by the National Building Materials Testing and Certification Center, and meets the T/CECS10035-2019 “Green Building Materials Evaluation Metal Composite Materials” standard, and has obtained the “China Green” Building Materials Product Certification”.

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Imported environmentally friendly hot-melt adhesive is used, no diluting solvent is added in the whole production process, one-time high-temperature hot-press compounding, and no solvent residue.

After the base material and the decorative film are subjected to high temperature and high pressure, the surface shape of the product has a concave-convex and three-dimensional texture and color, and has ultra-high flatness, super durability and excellent physical properties. Integrating aesthetics, fire prevention, antibacterial, and environmental protection, it is the first choice for public places such as medical care, schools, banks, hotels, commercial chains, and transportation hubs.

The surface of the product has been specially treated and has strong chemical resistance (fouling resistance). It can be used for cleaning and spraying of conventional disinfectant, 84 disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide and pain wine, etc., and it is suitable for banks, hospitals, schools, restaurants and other crowds. Cleaning and disinfection of densely populated areas is of great help.